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Articles & Blog Posts

Newspaper Articles - Published in the Franklin Town News


I whole-heartedly recommend Precision Nutrition as a resource for my friends, family, and clients. You can purchase their nutrition guidebook by clicking here: Precision Nutrition System

For supplements, I recommend Prograde Nutrition. Specifically, I recommend their multivitamin, protein powder, and omega-3 supplements (krill oil) as a good baseline.


Equipment: Perform Better

I order the majority of my equipment from Perform Better, as well as attend several seminars and certifications through them each year. Excellent quality and customer service.

For Coaches:

The goal of the articles on this website is to primarily educate my clients, family, and friends, not to necessarily delve into the nitty gritty of exercise science. That said, here are some of my preferred blogs & resources for continuing education. Books will always trump blogs, however. Many of the coaches below have published lists of their favorite texts.

Note / FTC Disclosure: This page contains several affiliate links (Prograde, Precision Nutrition, Perform Better). I only recommend products of a high quality and that I personally use.