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One-Time Consultations

Benefit from the knowledge of an experience coach and fast-track your results - at a fraction of the price of personal training.

Are you an experienced athlete or weightlifter that wants to benefit from the guidance of a skilled coach, but prefers to train independently or in another facility?

Do you struggle with squats, deadlifts, or overhead lifting and can’t seem to improve?

Are you an athlete that has suffered an injury that has changed the way you train? Is being unable to perform your favorite exercises causing you to miss workouts and see less results?

Devin Gray Fitness offers one-time consultations to discuss your training program and make recommendations for the future. You’ll receive all the information that you need to move more efficiently and drastically reduce the risk of injury.

Learn the exercises that are safe for you to perform in order to stay strong, explosive, and athletic - without causing further damage and while reducing the risk of further injury.

What do you offer?

One-time consultations include a comprehensive fitness assessment as well as a full report and lengthy discussion of your results.

  • Functional Movement Screen to determine any mobility or stability restrictions, as well as determine injury risk.
  • Discussion of results with an emphasis on teaching you about your body and how to best take care of it while improving your strength & fitness.
  • Specific corrective exercises and drills to improve any asymmetries, such as mobility restrictions that would affect the squat, deadlift, bench press, etc. as well as athletic performance.
  • Body composition analysis with recommendations for improvement.
  • Coaching and technique analysis for specific exercises

Who is this perfect for?

  • Crossfit athletes looking to slay their GOATs, return to CF from an injury, or learn the proper regressions so that they can stay in class, take less time off, and improve faster.
  • Experienced weightlifters that want the guidance of a trained coach but prefer the independence of training alone.
  • Competitive athletes that want to learn more about training for their sport’s specific and unique demands.
  • People that struggle with a particular exercise and want to master it - quickly & effectively.

Call 508-507-9008 to schedule your one-time consultation for just $99

We’ll book 2 hours to discuss your training, perform the assessments, and then go over any and all specific exercises to improve.


Terry Niemi

It is a pleasure to recommend Devin Gray. He has proven invaluable to me in adjusting to some challenging medical issues. He took the time to call my doctor and research my medical problems and then developed a custom fitness program that worked for me. He is both knowledgeable and personable – qualities that are not often found in all personal trainers. I highly recommend Devin Gray if you want a customized and skilled work-out plan.